City Fountain VFD Repair

Prolonged Failure Of A VFD Gets Political Attention In South Central VA Town – Situation Abated by Delta Automation Engineers And Sales Team.

Delta Automation received an emergency call from water authority officials to repair a variable frequency drive (VFD) that controlled a very important monumental fountain that was erected in memory of a prominent local citizen. The operation and maintenance of the fountain is funded from a private grant. The problem of the fountain being down for so long became a sensitive political issue that was escalated all the way to the office of the Mayor.

The primary reason a VFD was utilized in this application is because the spray from the fountain could get misdirected due to moderate wind. The VFD and hence its pump motor, is piloted by wind speed (via an anemometer). The lower the wind speed, the greater the force of the fountain spray and water volume output. As the wind speed increased, the VFD would act to slow the pump speed down thus reducing the fountain’s force and volume of water spray.

Once Delta was contacted about the problem, our field service engineers, Lee Gleason and Kevin Randolph went to the site to investigate the problem, determined that the VFD was damaged beyond repair and that a new VFD was needed. Delta engineers specified and selected a replacement WEG CFW 11 VFD that was available with a low cost, quick shipment option. Once the price quotation furnished by the Delta sales specialist, Win Bradley, was approved by the municipality, the drive was ordered and installed the following business day and the fountain was returned to service. Both the Mayor’s office and maintenance officials were extremely pleased with the rapid response by Delta Automation on this project. The political ‘fire’ was extinguished once the fountain had been restored to service.

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