Machine Conversion With WEG CFW 11 & Motor

A Delta client had an aging production machine, that was in need of a total gearbox replacement or rebuild. This machine had a small 1 horsepower D.C. “pony” motor and speed controller to Jog the process during set-up and feeding, and a large 75 horsepower A.C. main motor that was running full speed “across the line”.

WEG CFW 11 & motor

Lee Gleason, a Delta senior field service engineer, suggested that the client remove the gearbox completely, remove the small pony motor and install a WEG CFW-011 variable frequency drive and a WEG motor to replace the current main drive motor. This would eliminate the worn out mechanical gearbox completely, the D.C. pony motor, its’ D.C controls, the old inefficient main drive motor, plus allow the operator to have complete control over the machine speed. All of the way from a slow Jog to the full production speeds, plus the operator would have a reverse in case of machine jams.

The client accepted the proposal and the project moved forward over a planned shutdown time. After the start-up and commissioning the operators enjoyed the “one button” control and the ability to adjust the production speed as dictated by varying materials and conditions. Additionally, the inherent soft start functionality of a VFD, allows for a tremendous reduction in mechanical wear and tear on the mechanics of the machine and eliminates the peak in-rush of A.C. current which could result in additional peak demand charges from the local power provider.

WEG blue machine

The client was so pleased with the completed project, that they decided to repaint the entire machine WEG blue!

This project was a huge success, in machine maintenance, power consumption, production up-time and operator satisfaction and ease of use.

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