Cloud Chamber Fully Operational And The Grand Opening To Unveil It Goes On As Planned Thanks To Delta Automation

Delta Automation was contacted recently by the manufacturer of a cloud chamber (a physics experiment apparatus used to study sub-atomic particles and radiation naturally occurring in air) built in Germany.   See the cloud chamber in operation at this link:


The cloud chamber, recently installed at a high school’s new Science and Technology Wing located in northern Virginia, was not operational. This is because its Danfoss dual compressor cooling unit would not stay on line due to issues with a power converter that allows the system to operate on US power. The cloud chamber manufacturer searched Danfoss tech support and found Delta Automation as an authorized service provider.

With the deadline for the grand opening ceremony rapidly approaching, both the manufacturer and the school’s personnel were panicking to get the cloud chamber fully operational. Once Delta was contacted by the cloud chamber manufacturer, Delta’s field service engineer Skip Langley, was dispatched immediately to investigate the issue. Skip quickly determined that the power converter was not large enough ampacity-wise to handle the dual compressor load. Upon obtaining and installing a new and more robust power converter that Delta arranged to obtain here in the US, along with making some changes to the way the apparatus was fed by building power, Skip was able to restore the cloud chamber to full operation just in time for the grand opening.

While this is the first and perhaps only cloud chamber Delta Automation will ever perform service on, we were happy to take on the challenge. Because of our commitment to always try and help a customer, we were able to play a major part in helping to save the day for a successful Grand Opening.

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