Emergency Facility Chiller Soft-Start installation

Delta Automation Sales and Field Service Teams Come To The Rescue With A WEG Soft Start

When a national controls contractor requested an urgently needed quote for a soft start used to control a massive chiller at Old Dominion University,  Delta’s sales engineer, Bryan Smith snapped into action with a quick turnaround quote to include expedited shipping at a very competitive price for an 800 Amp WEG softstart.
 WEG soft start
Once given ‘the green light’ to proceed, the soft start was ordered and it arrived in timely fashion. The Delta field service team consisting of Joe Sarver, Skip Langley and Ritchie Williamson working in concert with Bryan Smith also responded promptly. This involved juggling previously scheduled work of a lower priority to accommodate an immediate installation, close coordination with the controls contractor and school facilities personnel, gathering various hardware and electrical appurtenances beforehand, and establishing an acceptable installation window for a changeout. With efficient planning and pre-installation activities, the Delta field service engineering team had the old softstart removed, the new one installed and the permanent chiller back on line in seamless fashion all in time to avoid the continued rental of a temporary chiller. The University’s homecoming festivities went on as planned without disruption to air conditioning capacity and with a savings of $10,000 resulting from not having to rent the temporary chiller for another week. Delta Automation is standing by for your next emergency and/or critical needs.

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President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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