WEG Replacement Motor Reduces Noise in Pump Station

A local water treatment facility had two pump motors that were so loud when running, that the area had to be reclassified as a hearing protection area. The motors had been producing that noise since they were new.  Delta Automation was called in for help in reducing the noise and efficiency levels of these units. We immediately suggested installing the newest line of WEG motors, the W22 high-efficiency and running them on WEG CFW-11 VFDs. The client was sceptical at first. WEG and Delta were so confident that this would rectify the issues, that we allowed them to temporarily install a motor and VFD as a show of faith in the product. First the motor was installed, and as you can hear and see on the accompanying video, the level of noise reduction is significant. Once the VFDs were installed, the noise level was again reduced by an additional -3 to -5 dB!


This is just one example of the willingness of Delta and WEG to work together with the client to satisfy their needs.

About deltaautomation

President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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