Replacement of the Main Supply Fan for a Large Hospital

Delta Automation has just completed the entire replacement/retrofit of a 250 horsepower VFD for the main air supply fan for a large hospitals’ HVAC system. This work had to be completed over a week-end. Beginning after normal working hours on a Friday, the demolition of the original VFD began. This VFD was manufactured inside of the motor control panel cabinet. Delta was able to retrofit a new WEG VFD into the existing panel cabinet, saving thousands of dollars and untold hours of down time for the HVAC system. The original VFD had to be removed piece-by-piece to be able to re-use the existing panel. After the removal of the old unit, the installation of the new WEG CFW-11 began. Within a few short hours, the new VFD was powered up and able to run the fan in a manual mode. As the proper control wiring was being installed, the HVAC was turned off and on several times. However this cycling of the fan during the installation, facilitated the hospital in keeping the occupied spaces within their specifications. The ability of Deltas’ engineers to re-use the existing panel space and provide for the hospitals’ temperature requirements during the change-over was a primary factor in Delta procuring this project. The change-over went smoothly and was completed in the time allotted.

Below are several photos: after and before.


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