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Replacement of the Main Supply Fan for a Large Hospital

Delta Automation has just completed the entire replacement/retrofit of a 250 horsepower VFD for the main air supply fan for a large hospitals’ HVAC system. This work had to be completed over a week-end. Beginning after normal working hours on a Friday, … Continue reading

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“Fluxing-up” a VFD to Heat a Motor

The practice of allowing a VFD to “hold” or “lock” the shaft, commonly called “fluxing-up” is a practice that is becoming more frequently utilized in some applications to not only hold the shaft in a stationary position, but to pre-heat … Continue reading

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Richmond City Council Awards the Local NAWIC Chapter

On Monday, February the 25th, 2013, during the Richmond City Councils’ Formal Awards Ceremony, a Proclamation was awarded to the local Richmond chapter of NAWIC for their work in promoting the trades and skills of the construction industry with students, interns and … Continue reading

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