700 Horses….replaced!

A few days ago, a fresh water treatment facility in the tidewater area of Virginia, had two aged 350 H.P. VFDs fail catastrophically. That left them with only an auxiliary pump and about 30% of their capacity. A call was made to Delta for assistance. An engineer was quickly dispatched to the location and it was discovered that the failed units were obsoleted by the manufacturer and were no longer supported with parts or service.

Delta was requested to quote the client with two new VFDs. The technical information was relayed to our sales department and two WEG replacement VFDs were quoted. They were in stock and could be at the site the next morning. The client gave the go ahead and the Delta engineer that was still on-site, began to disassemble the existing failed VFDs to make way for the new units.

The next morning one VFD cabinet was all prepped for the new unit. As soon as it arrived, that morning, the installation began. By noon, the VFD was installed and running. The plant capacity was now at 100%!

With no time to waste, work began on the second VFD cabinet demolition to make way for the second replacement WEG VFD. By the end of the day, the second unit was mounted and could be run in manual mode if required.

Since it had been a long day indeed, work was stopped for the night and resumed the next day. By mid-morning, all was completed with the second VFD installation.

In a little over 24 hours after a complete system failure of both the primary and back-up pump 350 horse power VFDs, both units had been completely replaced with new WEG VFDs.

The client was very pleased with the timely equipment delivery, speed and performance of the installation and of the pricing that Delta provided. 

Delta is a “one-stop-shop” for the repair, sale or installation of VFDs!

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President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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