The President comes to Town

When the President of The United States of America visits any town, it’s quite the affair. Just last week the President visited our fine city, Richmond, Virginia to speak at the University of Richmond.

Delta had been called to service several failed VFDs on a chiller at the utility complex that was caused by power surges from another recent, famous visitor, hurricane Irene. We had visited the site and determined what had indeed failed and placed the parts on order. At this time there wasn’t an emergency to get the unit back up and running. Unfortunately, the parts were delayed at the factory by the same hurricane aftermath effects. However we were not aware of the delay until the urgency was ratcheted up by the Presidents upcoming visit. His visit created a lock-down time constraint for the service area. The correct parts just would not arrive in enough time to get them installed. We began to rummage and scour our surplus equipment for a similar replacement or substitute part. Fortunately one was located and was rushed over to the site and installed just as the lock-down time was beginning. With the chiller up and running everyone relaxed as much as one can with the President arriving soon.

This is just one example of the detours and hurdles that Delta faces in providing timely, efficient and thorough on-site service to our clients.

About deltaautomation

President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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