General Information and Specifications for a Modicon Remote I/O System

Delta Automation, Inc. is fully capable of the developing the layout for any sized remote I/O network. Our engineers have successfully installed thousands of these systems worldwide.
We offer the most comprehensive testing and troubleshooting available, to bring your system into (or back into) operation and specification.
Once the system or network is certified, you can be certain that all the connected devices, will indeed function as required for proper operation.
Typically, these systems having been in service for extended periods of time, have usually been neglected during equipment upgrades, overlooked as newer, more electrical noise producing devices are placed in service, and are then expected to perform as well as when first installed. Most of these systems were installed using the latest technology available at the time, somewhere between the 70’s and 80’s!
There have been significant engineering changes and advances since then. Coaxial cable design, connector construction and installation techniques, tap and splitter technology, plus the connected component equipment have all gone through this evolution. All of these things factor into the system certification process.

To read more information about these systems and the hardware associated with them, please click on this link.

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President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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