The importance of having an authorized service provider sell, install, and start up your VFDs

Delta Automation, Inc. was requested by a large VFD manufacturer to go on-site and evaluate a VFD that had been giving a client trouble since it’s installation by another vendor over a year ago. This is a manufacturer that has certified Delta as an authorized service provider.
The field service engineer arrived on-site and investigated the VFD issue and a damaged I/O board was at fault due to incorrect wiring.
A replacement card was ordered and installed. The drive was placed into service and performed erratically. The VFD’s parameters had not been set-up correctly. These were quickly corrected and the drive then performed as required.
A quick investigation of the installation revealed that the drive had been purchased, installed and “started-up” by a company that was not certified by the manufacturer to perform this work. This alone would not typically “void” the warranty, but since the installation was completed over a year ago, there was no longer any warranty.
On a typical new VFD installation and start-up, the authorized service provider records the serial number, date of installation and power-up, plus the parameters along with the voltage and current readings. This information is required by most VFD manufacturers to initiate the warranty period, and in some cases will extend it beyond the typical limits. Without this information, some warranties are invalidated and still others are limited.
Had this VFD been sold, installed and started-up by an authorized service provider, the manufacturer, under warranty would have covered the labor, the travel expenses, and the part.
On this particular job, the clients’ final repair cost was nearly $3000.00! Had this VFD been installed by Delta Automation, Inc., the board would have been wired correctly, possibly preventing the entire issue. More importantly, the manufacturer would have covered the parts and labor in warranty.
Any perceived savings by not using an authorized service provider was ultimately lost in the repair cost.

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