Need it ASAP? Delta specializes in just that

Over the Labor Day holiday on Sunday, Bob and Margarete came by the office to use the quiet time to do some much-needed paperwork.
However as they entered the offices, the phone was ringing. A large client in the Midwest was calling about their customer who needed a special programming panel immediately. This customer had requested the part on the previous Friday, but later that day had called our client and canceled the order.
Sometime over the holiday, the need arose again. Delta’s client made the call to Delta on the Sunday and Bob and Margarete were there to answer the phone. Our client wanted to know if there was any way to get this programming panel to his customer ASAP. Bob knew that the panel had been tested already. Some special software changes needed to be made to it for the end user, though. Bob assured the client that Delta could have the unit ready to ship within the hour. What Bob didn’t know was, how it was going to ship!
Bob contacted Bernie Wieland, the inside salesman to find out the best solution. Bernie came to the office and found that Fed Ex’s Custom Critical shipping method was the only realistic choice. A price was quoted and this was discussed with Delta’s client who, in turn, discussed it with their customer and got approval for the unit to ship immediately. Within a few short minutes, a Fed Ex Custom Critical truck arrived and loaded the already tested and packaged panel. The truck headed straight to the Mid-west for delivery—a 12-to-16 hour trip! The part arrived around the expected time and the customer was back in production.
This is the type of service that Delta’s clients have come to expect. Shouldn’t you be getting this service from your repair and supply center?

About deltaautomation

President of Delta Automation, Inc. Working in industrial automation in excess of 30 years
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